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We are on a mission to create the ultimate psychedelic playground for our imaginations!


 Cyber Mushroom NFT is the gateway to the universe we are building.


Upcoming events

Cyber Mushroom Universe

virtual reality (vR)

The Cyber Mushroom community shares a love of psychedelics, virtual reality and spiritual education.

Cyber Mushroom NFT holders have early access to our universe in Virtual Reality, attend gatherings, events, experience cyberdelics, meet other Cyber Shroomers and learn how to programme their own trips!

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Filmed in Cyber Mushroom VR world

Go on a fully
cyberdelic trip


Filmed in Cyber Mushroom VR world

There are plenty of different Cyber Mushrooms to choose from!

Each takes you on a unique Cyberdelic adventure!


Some of these journeys are created by Artificial Intelligence Generative art, some are designed by people, and some are the combination of the two!

As a Cyber Mushroom NFT holder, you will learn how to create your own Cyberdelic journeys in Virtual Reality, both by programming them yourself and working with AI,  upload them to our world and share them with other  Cyber Mushroomers

Get your
Augmented Reality (AR) Tshirts (2).gif

Get your brand new Augmented Reality Tshirt and re-programe it!

By becoming part of Cyber Mushroom community, you will learn how to design Augmented Reality experiences.

Join the community!

Exclusive education community

We teach you how to programme XR experiences and upload them to Cyber Mushroom worlds.

You can learn how to create magical holograms with Augmented Reality or you can choose to programme your own Cyberdelic experience in VR.

Cyberdelia is your oyster!


Learn how to programe


We educate Cyber Mushroom holders on how to programme their Cyber Mushrooms!

By obtaining a Cyber Mushroom NFT, you will get exclusive Extended Reality (XR) classes.

Mobile App

We are currently working on a mobile app, where you can unlock many different  types of Augmented Reality mushroom growing and foraging, with your Cyber Mushroom NFT (8).gif

Long term vision


School of
Cyber Wizardry

Our long term plan is to open the School of Cyber Wizardry, where we will teach kids in the way we wish we were taught at school.

Join our Discord if you share the same passion.


Get your
Cyber Mushroom today


Cyber Mushroom is a project by digital forager Batuhan Bintas

Batuhan Portrait.png


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