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A Cyberdelic Journey

Psychedelic, mystical and spiritual experiences are known for changing our perception on reality and life.

These experiences improve the well being of the individual and help us connect to a stronger

meaning in life.

But yet, our current education system and society is far behind; some of these experiences are laughed at, demonized and even made illegal.


Cyber Mushroom is a Cyberdelic experience that combines technology and art to provide these mind expanding mystical experiences through

Virtual Reality.

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Cyber Mushroom is designed to empower the individual and communities.

The VR experiences is not intended to keep the individual in the Cyber World. Rather, it is designed to give impactful spiritual insights that inspire the experiencer and continues to transform them even after the headset is taken off.

Cyber Mushroom

These NFTs unlock

the Cyberdelic Virtual Reality journey.

Like how each psychedelic mushroom gives an individual cosmic experience, each Cyber Mushroom offers a different Cyberdelic journey.

Collect them all and share with friends.

Minting coming soon

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