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We are on a mission to empower people through art and technology. A Cyber Mushroom NFT is the gateway to the universe we are building.

the Cyber Mushroom Universe

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the Cyber Mushroom Universe

We are currently building the Cyber Mushroom Universe as a WebGL and smart phone app for NFT holders.

The app allows NFT holders to activate special experiences each Cyber Mushroom has to offer,

in the form of augmented and virtual reality. (3).gif
Smart_Phone.png (1).gif

Augmented reality (AR) experience

Become a Cyber Magician!

This experience allows you to interact with different Augmented Reality cyber mushroom art works.

Open portals on art works,

Summon Cyber Mushrooms,

and share your NFT's magic with friends

virtual reality (vR)
experience (3).gif

A truly Cyberdelic experience!

This Cyberdelic experience combines technology and art to provide the mind-expanding mystical experiences of a psychedelic mushroom trip through

virtual reality.

Join the community!

Exclusive education community

The Cyber Mushroom community shares a love of psychedelics, virtual reality and spiritual education.

Cyber Mushroom NFT holders have access to private rooms and future events.

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Long term vision


School of
Cyber Wizardry

Our long term plan is to open the School of Cyber Wizardry, where we will teach kids in the way we wish we were taught at school.

Join our Discord if you share the same passion.

Minting Coming Soon

Cyber Mushroom is a project by digital forager Batuhan Bintas

Batuhan Portrait.png
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